September 14, 2011

Day 11 of Developing Android Apps: Early Results

On September 3rd, less than two weeks ago, I completed the process for becoming a bona fide Android app developer. I registered under the name Nine Three Seven, a reference to my area code and a domain I've had laying around for a while.

The last month or so I'd been teaching myself the basics of app development in my spare time by creating a webview-based app for a friend's website Macho Church. I published said app the same day I created my Android developer account. It was downloaded 15 times that first day with no real promoting to speak of and is on pace to reach 100 downloads tomorrow. Apparently professional wrestling has a noticeable following in Saudi Arabia. Who knew?

A few days later I published another app for my own YouTube Direct & TubePress-powered video sharing site The Music Seen.

It's still quite early to be assessing the reaction to my second app and making money isn't what drew me to building Android apps, but it does make me giddy to see my adsense graphs climb.  I've never been so excited about making $0.07.

There are a few bugs to fix and much polishing needed for both of my two initial apps. Mind you my coding experience is mostly limited to rudimentary knowledge of C++ and (fortunately) Java. I'm already getting my hands dirty studying some more intermediate aspects of Android development. My mind is buzzing with app ideas and it hopefully won't be long before my third app hits the market.

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