July 04, 2009

Hitler Finds Out Sarah Palin Resigns

This is my 4th of July gift to America. I stayed up all night yesterday making this so that I could post it in the wee hours of the morning (when I was so loopy, I couldn't tell if it was funny anymore).

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Update 7.7.09

Here's the transcript:
General 1:
We've completed preparations for the Republican Fundraiser.
We found a handful of folks from this region willing to attend.
A few men in this area may be coerced into filling seats.
My mom said she'd come if the traffic here isn't overwhelming.

No worries. Many will come, if only to see Governor Palin.

General 1:
My Fuhrer...

General 2:
Governor Palin announced earlier today that she's to resign.
She will not attend.

Dramatic pause.

Everyone who felt inspired by Will.I.Am's video...
Make like a tree.

First Billy Mays, now this?!
By Jackson's white glove, I swear I simply can't believe this!

Do you realize I just cut her a check for 400,000 euros?!
I was going to use that money to fix my niece's hideous nose.

Palin made herself out to be ready to lead the free world!
She had about as much ability to lead as her youngest child!
Surely McCain would've done just as well to nominate an invalid!

General 3:
My Fuhrer, her child is afflicted with a terrible malady...

A damned invalid! In lipstick and a skirt!

General 3:
My Fuhrer, I refuse to believe you'd be so insensitive...

Insensitive enough to take a joke!

So, what was it? She couldn't handle the grief from Letterman?
Now I have a fundraiser with no speaker and no funds!
What do I say to the handful that does show up?!
Thank you for coming. I regret to inform you that
The GOP has lost its balls and now has lost its ovaries as well?!
That's what Alaska gets, electing a MILF instead of a Stalin!

Every time she winked, I thought it was just for me.
A woman as sexy as me!

But now I see.
I see that I was duped by a pageant princess.

Someone so sensitive has no business near the button.
I'd bet you 400,000 euros Dubya never lost sleep over Letterman.
With how far the dollar has declined
I could have bought Neverland ranch and dozens of new noses!

You're nose really isn't all that bad.

I know what Palin is thinking.
But the FBI will not drop their investigation into her and SBS.
This is whack.

I should've voted for Ron Paul.

I'll bet some young staffer slipped John some viagra
Right before Sarah's job interview for veep.

Now Romney is our only hope.


Kevin said...

There's another parody of this Hitler clip on YouTube regarding Hitler's kerfuffle on the news Lance Armstrong is competing in this year's Tour. So who ws first, and who copied whom? Somebody fess up....

Andy Rowe said...

Actually people have been using this clip from 2004's Downfall. The results have been mostly hilarious. See 'internet meme'.

[erika rice photo] said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!