November 14, 2008

Swearing At Motorists - Drunk On Monday (live)

The first Dayton Music Fest was quite a success and cemented the event as the premier showcase of Dayton rock. I recorded much of the Swearing @ Motorists set at Elbo's and you may see more of it if I ever get my shit together and get uploadin'.

As you know if you're familiar with much of my video recordings, I'm no cameraman. The crowd noise is very noticeable as the venue was packed to the rafters that night. I spent the entire set standing on a chair in the back corner near the restrooms with my arms stretched up as high as I could get them. Dave busted out quite a long set to my arms' lament and our ears joy. Much of the shakiness resulted from me trying to shift the camera between tired arms. Enjoy.

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